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Trading and wholesaling Natural Organic Onion, Golta Onion, fresh Red Onion, Summer Onion and other onion varieties at wholesale prices!

An Overview

Within a few years of commencement, we had understood the true meaning of the popular trading mantra, Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan. Believing in this mantra, we always have a trading plan with us leading us to proper management of our trading operations. For instance, identifying the risks, controlling the expenses and strategizing everything to maximize the business potentials. With our unwavering focus on all these, today, we, Swastik Traders, have earned a marvel position of a trader in the Indian trading business domain. We also function as a wholesaler, therefore, offer our Red Onion, Golta Onion, Summer Onion and other onion varieties at wholesale prices.

20 in number, our employees work in unison to attain their sales targets and other predefined targets before the deadline. Thus, supporting our company in remaining competitive in the market. Moreover, it is their constant efforts to improve our business at every aspect that we still are the favorite of millions of people round the nation for availing fresh onions.

Business Research

Anyone who desires to establish a strong foothold in the Indian trade industry needs to focus on business research. Investing a good amount of money, time and energy in business research is always essential, however, not only for trading companies but all others. Realizing this, we have also appointed a team of research analysts who research the market and provide us with the useful information related to our vendors, customers, competitors and market trends currently prevailing. Over the years, we have understood that conducting such researches are beneficial for understanding the demand and supply of the products. Thus, we never fail at maintaining all-time availability of stock. Hence, we always fulfill the urgent and bulk orders of our customers for Red Onion and Summer Onion that too within the committed time frame.

An Ingrained Business

Our presence is experienced across the country due to following reasons:

  • We follow fair trade policies to maintain transparency in our business deals.
  • We focus on safe and prompt delivery to maintain the freshness of our goods.
  • We source our Red Onion and other onion varieties from experienced farmers.
  • Customer priority is our primary objective but we never compromise with our business morals.
  • We are a company of our words and provide our customers with products and services they ask for.
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